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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 Venus History

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PostSubject: Venus History   Venus History Eo1pl7YWed Feb 12, 2020 7:57 pm

Venus is the second planet from the sun in the solar system. It’s the realm of love but it’s also known well for its beauty and peace. Venus is the brightest planet out of all of the 9 planets of the solar system and the 3rd brightest in the whole magic dimension. The symbol for Venus is the space sign of Venus carved in a heart shaped diamond and it’s royal symbol has a golden crown on it. The planet’s court is most close with Earth’s. It rarely snows on Venus due to its usual warmer climate. However at night, there are always stars out. Around the time, Earth lost its magic, the kingdoms of the planets of the solar system combined their powers to hide their magic from earth until the day it returned again. Venus hid its magic by putting by a fake atmosphere consists mainly of carbon dioxide, with clouds of sulfuric acid droplets that projected an illusion to Earth. After magic returned to earth, Venus took its fake atmosphere down. The planet also has the imperial diamond sealed inside the largest destiny shell underwater. The destiny shell which can only be opened with the purity pearl which is kept on the birth medallion of Venus’ heir, soaked in a tear of love, and by someone with a pure heart who’s made sacrifices for the better. If the imperial diamond was destroyed, it would erase all the love in the magic dimension and life on venus or the ones with the power of love wouldn’t survive.

The Beginning

Eons ago, Venus was a deserted planet. It had a temperature of 462 degrees Celsius, making it one of the hottest planets in the solar system.  It was shrouded by highly reflective clouds of sulfuric acid and was periodically refreshed by volcanism.
When Uranus committed the act of using a forbidden spell for good, Saturn had no choice but to take it away. He dropped it down on the deserted planet, Venus, hoping it would stay hidden forever. The orbs fell deep down, into a misty abyss. The orb combined with magical sea foam, which was the only remaining part of one who sacrificed thyself for her soulmate that had combined with a droplet of the dragon flame. Venus awakened and the imperial diamond was made.  She arose onto the land, using the imperial diamond’s power flourished the planet with life, warmth, power and fauna. She gave a fraction of the imperial diamond’s power to an elegant pearl, which formed the purity pearl. Thus, the planet was named after her.
A monolith of moon magic was placed on Venus which helped control its tides. Without it, the tides of Venus would be out of control and crash dangerously, causing tsunamis and hurricanes.
War of Querida

Corruption Arc:

Giselle Arc:
King: Anghard Valentina
Queen: Aruba Valentina
Heir: Princess Darlene Valentina
Second Child: Prince Albrecht Valentina

A duke of a different realm had a daughter named Bathilde. Many people for years felt that they should wed but the young prince only wanted to marry someone he loved. When sneaking out from the palace in disguise of a peasant named Loys with an illusion spell. He went into the village during the grape harvest, and came across a village girl named Giselle, a shy and beautiful fairy but one who had never faced a danger before and was the best dancer in the village as well. The two met and became bonded quickly.

Hilarion, a gamekeeper, was also in love with Giselle. He tried to convince Giselle to not be with Albrecht but she ignored his warnings. Giselle’s mother, Berthe, also was protective of Giselle because of her weak health.

The two started to fall in love. Albrecht finally decided that he would tell Giselle of his true identity at the end of the village festivity. But Hilarion interrupts, saying that he had figured out that Loys was actually Prince Albrecht with the help of an illusion wizard. Everyone is blown away by this news, but Giselle is the most affected and believes that Albrecht’s love for her was an illusion as well. Her weak heart gives out and she dies.

On a full moon night, Hilarion decided to visit Giselle’s grave. But then he suddenly becomes frightened when the Wilis arrive led by the merciless witch Myrtha, the spirits of women jilted by their lovers, haunt the Deirdre Graveyard at night to seek revenge on any man they encounter.

Prince Albrecht soon arrived to lay flowers on Giselle’s grave with guilt over her death. Giselle’s spirit appears and Albrecht asks for forgiveness and confesses that his love to her. Her spirit starts to float away to another area of the graveyard and Albrecht follows her, unknown to Giselle.

Meanwhile, the Wilis had possessed Hilarion, making him use his magic on himself until he died. Then they prepare to kill Albrecht, who pleads to spare his life only to be refused along with Giselle’s plead. However, Giselle’s powerful love for Albrecht holds against the Wilis’ attempt at possessing Albrecht and his life is spared. Giselle’s bond to the other Wilis breaks, allowing her to rest in peace but not after a tender, romantic farewell between the two and Albrecht returns to his kingdom, never forgetting about Giselle.

Swan Lake Arc

King: Darel Valentina
Queen: Holda Valentina
Heir: Prince Siegfried Valentina
Second Child: Princess Sevda

King Darel was deceased when Prince Siegfried was only 10 years old, when Von Rothbart assassinated him in a battle.

One evening, Prince Siegfried had gone on a hunt with his friends for swans. He had ended up getting separated from everyone. He wandered around and eventually ended up at a lakeside just as a flock of swans were landing on the water. He was about to shoot when the most beautiful swan, transformed into a beautiful maiden followed by her companions. When she saw Siegfried, she was surprised and ready to transform to defend herself but then realized that he meant no harm.

She explained to him how she and her companions guardian fairies of Venus who were put under a curse casted by Von Rothbart. By day, they are swans, and by night only if they are at the lake, that they go back into normal form but with only the amount of power of a charmix fairy. Von Rothbart comes by every night to try and force them to give up their guardian powers to him. But each time, the maidens refused. They didn’t want to contact anyone to put them in danger which is why they only hide out at Swan Lake.  The curse could only be broken if her true love swears eternal love to one but it would stay for all eternity if Rothbart died before the curse was lifted. And if maiden’s true love swore love to someone else, she would die. Prince Siegfried eventually had to leave the lake but promised to return back.

Prince Siegfried slipped out of the palace and often met up with Odette at Swan Lake. Slowly, the two started to fall in love. Prince Siegfried’s 21st evening birthday ball was coming up and wanted to proclaim his love for Odette there. He invited her but she seemed hesitant.

On the evening of the ball, Prince Siegfried was anxious about if he would see Odette or not. Von Rothbart and his witch daughter, Odile, both had used an illusion spell over themselves. Odile had appeared in the illusion of Odette. Odile shares a dance with Prince Siegfried, who was not suspicious at all since Odile also carried the other half of the destiny shell that she stole from Odette.

Odette and her fellow companions transformed and tried to get past the palace guards to warn Prince Siegfried. Right when they are about to enter the ballroom, Siegfried announces his love for Odile, which causes Odette to collapse in the Palace Corridor, detransforming in the process. The swan maidens, furious at the oblivious prince, use a teleportation spell to teleport back to the lake. Prince Siegfried at that moment, had a vision of what happened to Odette. Looking closer and analyzing her actions he moved away from Odile, claiming she was an imposter which caused everyone’s attention to fly to them. Rothbart and Odile disappear after saying that Odette would die anyway and the biggest defense of the kingdom would disappear.

All the swan maidens appeared back at the lake. Odette’s strength was fading while none of the healing spells or healing herbs seemed to heal her. At that moment, Siegfried arrived at the lake, and made a passionate apology to Odette. She forgave him before dying in his arms. Rothbart at that moment appeared, and easily took out the guardian power from Odette. Prince Siegfried took out the sword of Venus, deciding that he would return the swan maidens back to normal since it was something that Odette would’ve wanted. Rothbart eventually killed Siegfried. But his sacrifice for Odette caused the curse of the swan maidens to be broken. They transformed into their guardian fairy forms and defeated Rothbart.

The descendants of the swan maidens had always been swan maidens but it was no longer a curse. They could control their transform every time they were near Swan Lake. This romance is why the Swan is the planetary animal symbol of Venus.

Wizards of the Black Circle

When the wizards sealed the earth fairies away and magic started disappearing on Earth, Venus did a convergence spell with all the planetary gods to hide the magic of the solar system away, and the appearances of their planets.

Symbolic Animals of Venus: Doves, horses, and dolphins.
It’s planetary animal though is the swan.

Flowers: Rose

Golden Apple: Magical apples that grow on Venus which have the power to slow down your age process by a very small fraction and help cover the pain of a heartbreak. The first golden apple of Venus was received by Venus from Paris, a legendary prince, when she offered in exchange to have him and his bride to forever have good luck and romance in their relationship.

Myrtle: When the mythical gods and goddesses were asked to select a tree that they wished to consider as the own, Venus chose the Myrtle tree.

Ancient Artifacts and Treasures of Venus

Purity Pearl of Venus: It symbolizes the purity in a person’s heart.

Sword of Venus: A magical, indestructible sword forged by Hagen using the power of the Imperial Diamond. The sword can only be destroyed and wielded by a member of the royal family. After forging it, the imperial diamond was cast away, back to Genesis Abyss where it was never spotted seen again. It represents protection.

Eros’ Bow and Arrow: Used by the son of Venus, Eros, a shot from this bow was said to never miss its target. The arrows shot could manipulate love, having anyone fall in love or have hatred against someone.

Venus’ Girdle: A golden girdle woven and worn by Venus. The wearer would have an incredible amount of love drawn to them by anyone who sees him or her.

Tiara of Verity: Glows on the true heir of Venus. It’s always crowned on the heir during their coronation.

Dove-Drawn Chariot of Venus: Chariot that carried significant ethereal beings


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