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The RP Season

Season: Autumn
Month: October
Day: 28th
Year: 2016
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 The Pixie List

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RP Moderator

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The Pixie List - Page 2 Empty
PostSubject: The Pixie List   The Pixie List - Page 2 Eo1pl7YMon Jul 13, 2015 11:19 pm

First topic message reminder :

This list is to help with those pixies who have been bonded and those that aren't. Hopefully this will help with things

Taken Pixies

Glim: Bonded with Alexis
Livy: Bonded with Chandra
Ranger Robinson: Bonded with Ally
Jolly: Bonded with Charlie
Flower: Bonded with Artemis
Pam: Bonded with Beth
Iris: Bonded with Noko
Skade: Bonded with Clara
Fixit: Bonded with Harmony
Zing: Bonded with Roll
Camilla: Bonded with Zaf
Martino: Bonded with Snow
Caramel: Bonded with Tecna
Cherie: Bonded with Musa
Lockette: Bonded with Bloom
Piff: Bonded with Aisha
Chatta: Bonded with Flora
Amore: Bonded with Stella
Quentin Quake: Bonded with Cadence
Plisse: Bonded with Amara
Justin Nimble: Will be bonded with Lux
Camelia: Will be bonded with Vanessa
Shela: Will be bonded with Photonis
Crafta: bonded with Rayla
Chiga: Will be bonded with Fran
Plasto: Will be bonded with Alina

Unbonded Pixies

Boxen: He hates sugar and sweets and is a dentist. Tries to get Carmel and Martino into trouble
Tune (off limits for now) Is a music pixie and teachers young pixies at her school
Digit (off limits for now) is a techno pixie who often had yearly duels with Fixit
Morfo: Like to cause a bit of mischief
Arsenio: Cherie's ex and rather stuck up.
Molla: A pixie that lives underground and loves to study stuff.
Taffyta: (Ray's pixie, please see the oc sheet for her)

Guardian Pixies (Off limits until further notice)
Concorda: Pixie that lives at Alfea
Athena: Pixie that lives at Red fountain.
Discorda: Pixie that lives in Cloud Tower
Ninfea: Leader of the pixies at pixie village

Elves List
Yucca: Will bond with Emerald
Narcissa: Will bond with Miyu
Rex: Will bond with Sylvia.
Maxine: Will bond with Ruby.
Lenny: Bonded with Issa

Unbound Elves
Floxy: Has big ideas but isn't as respected as Rex, Dates Narcissa
Zepto: Has an obsession with Chatta
Damian: Little kid that plays mean pranks


The Avatar was done by Chrissie.

"But perhaps victory is in the simpler things that you've long forgotten—things that require a smaller, more honest soul." Professor Ozpin, RWBY

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Sirenix Fairy

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PostSubject: Re: The Pixie List   The Pixie List - Page 2 Eo1pl7YSun Apr 09, 2017 4:15 am

yes please.


RAWR bloom fairy of the dragon flame and when you play with fire you get burned
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The Pixie List
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